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The Vermont Communication Support Project is administered by Disability Rights Vermont.  Disability Rights Vermont (DRVT), formerly Vermont Protection & Advocacy, is the protection and advocacy system for the state of Vermont.  

DRVT provides information, referral and advocacy services, including legal representation when appropriate, to individuals with disabilities throughout Vermont. DRVT also advocates to promote positive systemic responses to issues affecting people with disabilities. Unlike most other DRVT services the Vermont Communication Support project  does not provide advocacy or legal support.


Providing education to patients, consumers, service providers, and the general public about disability rights and patient’s rights

Investigating complaints of abuse, neglect, serious rights violations, and disability discrimination

Assisting with discharge planning for individuals that are deemed clinically ready for discharge or who are likely to experience barriers to a timely discharge

Assisting with Advance Directives for Health Care

Assisting with requests for reasonable accommodations

Assisting with employment or housing discrimination

Ensuring equal access to voting for people with disabilities 

Assisting people receiving Social Security Administration benefits experiencing barriers to employment (individuals can be already employed, seeking employment, or pursuing secondary education) or with representative payee issues or concerns   

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