Program history

In the late 1990s a situation came to the attention of the Defender General’s office in which a person with a disability involved in a court case had a significant disability that affected his ability to understand the court process and communicate effectively.  The lawyer requested that a specialist be assigned to the case in order to give this person equal opportunity to participate as someone would have without a disability.  This case was pivotal in shaping the future of the Vermont Communication Project.

Since it’s creation the Vermont Communication Support project has been administered by a number of agencies before finding it’s current home with Disability Rights Vermont in the early 2000s.

This project is made possible by a grant from the Vermont Agency of Human Services and with support from the Vermont Judiciary

Program Staff


Lindsey Owen, DRVT Executive Director

Lindsey Owen, Esq. has worked at Disability Rights Vermont since 2013.  Among her many duties as DRVT's executive director, she provides executive and legal oversight for the VCSP.

For questions about DRVT oversight of the VCSP

email  [email protected]

Jen Le Scouezec, Program Coordinator

Jen Le Scouezec, Program Coordinator

Jen Le Scouezec has worked at Disability Rights Vermont since 2006.  Jen is a working Communication Support Specialist in addition to being the program coordinator, and believes passionately in the VCSP mission.

For information about the project, becoming a CSS or receiving VCSP support

email [email protected]

Nicole Chicoine, Administrative coordinator

Nicole Chicoine, Administrative Coordinator

Nicole Chicoine has worked at Disability Rights Vermont since 2021.  She does the invaluable work of keeping the program running behind the scenes by maintaining the database, calendar and administration for the project.

Nicole is always available to help in any way she can. For questions or feedback about the project

email [email protected]

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