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While most requests for support in administrative meetings are from the Family Services Division of DCF a Communication Support Specialists (CSS) can assist people with disabilities in any state meetings where there is interactive dialogue. The accommodations that are offered by a specialist, support communication, and overcome barriers to effective communication caused by disability.

DCF Meetings

If a person is found eligible for VCSP services a Communication Support Specialist can be requested for any meeting in which there is interactive dialogue (team meetings, shared parenting meetings, safety plan meetings, case plan reviews, some evaluations, one on one meetings, etc). The Communication Support Specialist will provide accommodations to address challenges and barriers to effective communication as a result of disability.

Helpful documents

Documents that can be provided to the VCSP that are helpful for the efficiency of the process and qualification of a new client would be the DCF case plan and/or any other appropriate documents that will offer insight into how to best support a client with their effort to communicate effectively.

Once the VCSP has the referral information necessary to consider someone for VCSP Services VCSP staff will speak with the client and offer a Release of Information Form that will allow the VCSP to receive information from and speak with health care and/or service provider(s). An Explanation of Need form will usually be sent to a service provider to substantiate that the client has a disability, and that the disability has an effect on their ability to communicate.

With the information and any documentation provided the VCSP determines eligibility for services. Once a person is considered eligible VCSP will reach out to the caseworker and on approval from the District Director will assign a Communication Support Specialist.  An estimate for each meeting is sent to the District Director for approval.

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